Brenner Base Tunnel
Trimble TILOS in action on the Brenner Base Tunnel

Most Italy-bound travelers associate the Brenner, above all, with the long traffic jams that kick off the school vacations – it is the busiest connection between Austria and Italy, after all.
However, that is about to change.

To relieve the most important corridor in Europe, traffic should shift from the highway to the railway.
Thus, the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) project was born — a conduit between Innsbruck and Franzensfeste by Brixen, planned for completion by 2025.
The joint project between Austria and Italy with an estimated budget of more than 8 million Euros will be the world’s second-longest rail tunnel.
At a length of 55 kilometers, it will be just short of the Gotthard Base Tunnel.
Through the tunnel, the time needed to travel from Innsbruck to Franzensfeste will be reduced from 80 minutes to only 25.