EcoDomus PM
EcoDomus PM (Project Management) is a versatile software solution
dedicated to enabling the usage of Building Information Models (BIM)
and Lean processes for managing facility data during new construction
for BIM handover, renovation of existing buildings, or just collecting
data to create accurate as-builts.
EcoDomus PM helps reduce time and costs of collecting and validating
design/construction/commissioning information.


Manage your documents in EcoDomus Common Data Environment (CDE) –
use metadata to define your files and workflows, check-in and
check-out documents for editing, comply with PAS1192
requirements for CDE, integrate documents with COBie,
use tags to filter documents.


BIM quality control and quality assurance are based on
BIM guidelines and standards.
If detailed guidelines are available then a quantitative
review is possible, and automatic verification can be done
through the EcoDomus PM software.


Review product documentation, such as submittals,
datasheets, warranty, specifications, etc.

Documents are attached to assets, systems, locations,
facilities, as specified by COBie rules.


Track your surface finish schedules, i.e. wall paint or
ceiling tiles, and automatically calculate the total surface area
to find out how much paint you need.
See the fire ratings for your walls and doors, and
quickly locate them on the floorplan.