The Lawson Robb Experience – 5-star luxury design projects, delivered with the help of Powerproject Enterprise

Lawson Robb has designed and delivered some of the highest calibre interior architectural designs in the world.
Delivering the Lawson Robb Experience depends not just upon its amazing home, hotel and yacht designs but upon meticulous delivery.
Failure to serve its high-end clients to the highest standard is simply unthinkable.

Interior designers aren’t always renowned for their precision planning and sense of urgency and, when many projects are run at the same time, that can sometimes mean missed deadlines.
That’s not acceptable at Lawson Robb, and it was in this regard that partner Husam Mostafa decided to implement Powerproject Enterprise.

The intention was not just to assure delivery on time, on budget, every time, but to make sure that the company was managing its team of 16 designers profitably, neither wasting nor overcommitting capacity, and delivering exemplary customer service at the same time.
It would create a central project repository, which would enable the partners to see across all projects, as well as give every member of the team access to timesheets that would help them account for design time.