The highway to programme management efficiency at Skanska

Graham Roebuck, chief planner within Skanska’s infrastructure services division in the UK, talks about how he and his team use Powerproject Enterprise.

The business of highways maintenance and street lighting management requires its planners to keep a very tight handle on all the different jobs that may be running simultaneously – but it also involves a high degree of repetitive work.
To support this, Graham’s team utilises the multi-user and multi-project functionality of Powerproject Enterprise.

Planning high volume activity Graham explains: “Highways maintenance involves planning, processing and managing a high volume of work.
At any time we might have anywhere between 80 and 200 individual projects underway, starting and ending at different times.
Projects can range from resurfacing a road to replacement of a bridge or major road improvement schemes.
We use the software to manage the whole life-cycle of all these different projects.”

Because many of the projects have common elements, Skanska has developed a template approach.
“All the jobs have some degree of standardisation so, using Powerproject Enterprise, we have created a series of templates and then adapt them to individual jobs.
We needed the Enterprise version because, unlike a typical single project, we may have 200 different critical paths which don’t interact at all, yet we need to monitor and track resources and cashflow within the whole contract.”