The Planning Master of Infrastructure
TILOS: excellent tool to communicate plans and control progress

30 years of genuine passion for the planning discipline is making efficient time/distance planning result in better rail and road projects in Norway – thanks to a real planning veteran and Trimble´s planning tool TILOS.

Trimble's Planning Tool TILOS Solution is a robust scheduling software for linear infrastructure projects that combines time and distance into one graphical view.

“The ability to combine time and place in a single graphical time/distance chart introduces a new dimension in the planning.
As a result, you can explore alternatives very quickly and can make decisions much earlier in the process, providing an extraordinary insight into the project feasibility early on.
This is of great value.”
Vilhelm D. Nilsen, Norconsult

It is not just Vilhelm Darius Nilsen with his career-long project experience that has become fascinated by TILOS.
Also public builders Norwegian Rail Administration Bane NOR and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have found it advantageous to use the tool in the planning of two very large projects, Ringeriksbanen and Rogfast – thanks to Nilsen’s curiosity and conviction.