TILOS Progress Map is a TILOS add on application that enables you to connect the schedule with the locations on earth where the project is executed.

The major functionality is to simulated the construction progress with simplified geometric elements (path's, symbols and polygons) that represent by its color the progress situation.

The application imports the Google Earth KMZ file (Geometry (path's, place marks or polygons)).

In the next steps the geometry is connected with TILOS schedule.

Finally an output file as static or dynamic KMZ file is created to visualize the progress in the construction process.
As viewer any GIS program visualizing KMZ data can be used.

View to the earth: TILOS Progress Map can show your project and schedule on the globe using GIS programs like Google Earth® or ESRI©

The geometry (path, place marks or polygons) can be connected with the schedule data from TILOS.
For each path point a distance value is generated that becomes the connector to the TILOS distance coordinates.

Example: The thick lines displaying work areas of selected crews in week 24-28 April 2013.
The orange lines aside are displaying the baselines (Where the crews should have worked according to the initial plan) The yellow symbol displays that the river drill is progressed by 75 %.


• Adding geometry: Geometric data can be imported from KML/KMZ files, which is a standardized format.
In addition Spreadsheet tables can also be used to import the geometry with the GPS data.

• Adding the schedule: Schedule data is imported from the currently opened project in TILOS.
During the import, the data is sliced by time to calculate the work planned for each period.

• Adding configuration: Filter and grouping functions are used to transform the schedule to “moving lines” or to “changing symbols” based on the progress state of the associated activities.

• Progress table: The progress table displays the progress situation for each type of work.

Each color corresponds with the % complete of the total cut or fill.
The map provides the same overview on each area.

Clicking on an area, all tasks connected with that area become visible.