Brenner Base Tunnel
Trimble TILOS in action on the Brenner Base Tunnel

Most Italy-bound travelers associate the Brenner, above all, with the long traffic jams that kick off the school vacations – it is the busiest connection between Austria and Italy, after all.
However, that is about to change.
To relieve the most important corridor in Europe, traffic should shift from the highway to the railway.
Thus, the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) project was born — a conduit between Innsbruck and Franzensfeste by Brixen, planned for completion by 2025.

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Thames Tideway Tunnel
TILOS helps Tideway teams to visualise and integrate plans for 25km London super-sewer

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a major new sewer, urgently needed to protect the tidal River Thames from pollution, and is due to complete in 2023.
As this major project progresses it is vital for all contractors to appreciate and assimilate the whole project, to integrate their works, plan and collaborate effectively.
It is for that reason that TILOS has been in use since 2010 to help visualise the entirety of the works.

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The Planning Master of Infrastructure
TILOS: excellent tool to communicate plans and control progress

30 years of genuine passion for the planning discipline is making efficient time/distance planning result in better rail and road projects in Norway – thanks to a real planning veteran and Trimble´s planning tool TILOS.
Trimble's Planning Tool TILOS Solution is a robust scheduling software for linear infrastructure projects that combines time and distance into one graphical view.

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