ACUMEN Tool Courses Overview

ACUMEN Fuse | Risk | 360 is the indisputable best at providing insight into project challenges and using analytics to effectively overcome them, as well as aligning successful performance with corporate vision.

Acumen knows that it takes a good plan to make a great project.
This truth is at the heart of Acumen and why it's believed that a sound schedule is the key to a successful project and an exceptional project manager.
The Acumen core concepts, methodology and products work hand-in-hand to consistently create sound schedules, completion confidence, on-time and on-budget projects and, ultimately successful project managers.

With these concepts Acumen seeks to build better schedules, with two fundamental beliefs:
1) The integrity of the CPM schedule (an integral factor in the reliability of subsequent resource loading, cost engineering, risk modelling and overall project execution performance) is the key to ensuring project success.
2) In accurately forecasting project completion, a realistic, risk-adjusted plan is much more valuable than a deterministic schedule.
The Training course demonstrates how to use the best practice analytic analysis and techniques to improve your skills in building better projects.