TILOS in Planning & Scheduling of Pipeline Projects

Tilos in Pipeline

 Monday, 17th June 2019
 13:00 CEST

TILOS (Time Location System) is planning software for managing linear construction projects, basically utilities and infrastructure projects.
It can be used in different construction industries, like Highway, Railway, Metro, Fast Tram, Pipeline and Tunnel Construction, but also in Water Engineering or Transmission Line Building.
TILOS combines time and location to give you a smarter, easier way to create accurate, optimized plans, and to quickly update these plans as schedule changes occur.

- Applying Linear Planning and Scheduling Method at Pipeline Project Stages
- Design phase / Feasibility
- Tender and Contracting phase
- Execution of construction
- Disruptions, Objectives and Claim management
- Time Chainage to Support Primavera P6 / Powerproject / MS Project / MS Excel Programme

- Using ROW profile and ROW drawings
- Restricted ROW Access and Project Crossings
- Stockpile Locations and Valve Sites
- Considering Weather Risk in planning
- Preparing Project Schedule considering the Construction Area
- Applying Productivity Rates to Crews assignments
- Progressing the Project Activities
- Monitoring Crew Progress and Getting Customized Reports

- Questions and Answers

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