ISG plots a critical path past sensitive residents to create a new Dorset School

When ISG won the contract from Dorset District Council to build Lulworth & Winfrith Primary School, it knew that some local community concerns were inevitable.
Not only would this be the largest construction project in the village of Lulworth for many years, the village is located on a Jurassic stretch of coastline designated as a World Heritage Site.
However, as the project moved forwards, these would not prove the only hurdles to overcome.

The project was to be the first time that construction manager Mark Penny took the lead project management role, in sole charge on site.
His 20 years’ background in engineering meant that he would always strive for ‘right first time’ – but, as construction leader, he now also had to strive for ‘on time, on budget’.
To help do that he utilised Powerproject, which would prove invaluable in helping him control the programme, communicate with the community, and cope with changes and issues.
He succeeded despite several roadblocks, and was rewarded by a Gold Medal in the Construction Manager of the Year Awards.