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Project Management Software Designed for Construction

Powerproject is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading project management software solution for constructions.

Powerproject was designed to support the way construction planners work and has evolved over many years with input from its users to meet the requirements of the industry.

Its easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful and feature-rich capability makes it the first choice of over thousands of construction professionals throughout the world.

Powerproject XV - For Complete Confidence in Project Schedules

Powerproject XV has arrived! Following many months of software development, user feedback, and testing, the release of Powerproject XV has been announced; the latest version of Elecosoft's award-winning planning and project management software.


Powerproject XV is available as a version upgrade to any existing Powerproject licence that is covered by a current support contract.

Any unsupported licences can be upgraded upon the payment of the appropriate fees.

Alongside Powerproject XV are a series of significant improvements to Site Progress Mobile - including a new series of mobile apps for an improved user experience.

Existing Site Progress Mobile users get these enhancements for free.


  • • Quality: Assure the quality of your planning schedules with the Schedule Quality Check
  • • Flexibility: Achieve greater flexibility and clarity in progress reporting with a new mobile app
  • • Control: Communicate effectively with better control over the presentation of your plans
  • • Collaboration: Collaborate across teams in real-time
  • • Visualisation: Visualise your plans in 4D with realistic real-time simulation
An overview of the new features in POWERPROJECT XV:

  • • Introducing a refreshed and modernised user interface (without changing the basic layout)
  • • A Schedule Quality Check to identify whether your project plan has been well planned and complies with industry or corporate standards
  • • Milestone shape library for enhanced appearance
  • • Baselines embedded automatically alongside the live project data
  • • Streamline the baselining process
  • • Build confidence in plans with a new Schedule Quality Check tool
  • • Improved the look of schedules with new milestone appearance choices
  • • Improved visualisation of BIM models
  • • Improved 4D simulation options and better print handling
  • • Empower collaboration via overhauled book in/book out functions

Choose a video to watch a short explanation of the new key features.

User Interface Refresh

Take a look at how the icons on the toolbar have been simplified and modernised.

Check the Quality of Your Schedules

See how you can now use schedule quality checks to identify whether a project has been well planned and complies with industry or company standards.

BIM Build Direction

A Simulation Profile can now define the direction by which a 3D element is revealed during a time-simulation. See how this gives a more realistic presentation.

Milestone Shape Library

You can now change the shape of milestones within your projects, choosing how they appear based on a wide range of options within a new milestone appearance library.


Before this release, baselines of local projects were saved as separate files. Now any new baselines that you create are embedded automatically into the corresponding project file.

Progress Appearance

Watch how you can now display progress lines and shading in the date zone, which can help to make the report date of each progress period more obvious. This video also shows you more progress display options that are now available for the Bar Chart.

Print Code Library Legend on Every Page

See how you can now choose where to print legends for more effective presentation.

Improvements to Booking Data In & Out

This release introduces a completely new way of booking data into and out of projects for remote editing. This improved feature makes it easier to share part of a plan with a colleague or supply-chain partner, allowing them to change only the section you choose.

Link Chasing

See how the Link Properties dialog has been re-designed with optional columns and see how new functionality augments the existing Path-To/From and Predecessor/Successor mode.