Custom ERP integration helps Bloor Homes drive nation-wide transparency and efficiency

Bloor Homes is one of the UK’s largest family-run house-builders, with operations in seven regions around the country.

With thousands of home plots to manage, spread across up to 80 sites at any time, it needed both transparency and confidence in the accuracy of its progress information from across the business.

It has chosen Powerproject coupled with Site Progress Mobile for that, specifically with the goal of achieving tight integration with its existing Eque2 ERP financials.

A custom integration and close working relationship with Elecosoft delivered on that aim.

The benefits have included significant administrative time savings, planning efficiencies and reporting accuracies, and helped the company to hit a record level of homes delivered.

Whenever a company decides it is time to shake up and improve a fundamental process with new software, selecting that solution carefully is essential.

So, when Bloor Homes realised it needed to significantly change its programme and process management, it evaluated its options very carefully.

The company had previously used Project Commander to run each of its housing development projects individually.

“ As you’d expect, we have found the licensing to be flexible, and the charges for professional fees are really reasonable. The financial gain we’ve had for what we’ve paid for this process with Elecosoft has delivered value. ”